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The year is 1605. With the formal establishment of a new Shogun two years prior, Japan has entered a new era of stability.

Wary daimyo, accustomed to centuries of warfare, are skeptical of the Shogun’s peace. Concerned that a new era of civil war could erupt at a moments notice, they plot and scheme to maintain and expand their borders under the watchful eye of their new leader.

With a tentative peace upon the land, many daimyo are forced to release their samurai retainers. These ronin find they have no place in this new age, and find themselves wandering the roads and byways of the country, adapting as best they can. Many take to banditry and take what they want to survive. Others find service as bodyguards and teachers to the commoner and merchant classes who are slowly growing in power. Others find the time to reflect on their former lives and become monks, learning to serve the gods and Heaven. Finally, some become wanderers, seeking to hone their martial and spiritual skills.

It is a time of intrigue, betrayal and adventure!

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