Crashing Waves

Pilot: Where the Streams Converge
Character creation, preludes.

The first game session oversaw character creation, an introduction to the setting and to the game rules.


Everyone had an interesting concept, unique from one another. We had created three ronin, each with their own motivation for adventuring. In addition, one player wished to portray a monk, a sohei. The last member of the group wished to be a ninja, and his character was generated by the GM as the player would be late to the session.


It is the winter of 1604. A lone figure can be seen trudging through the mountain snows. He travels with a purpose as evidenced by his pace and the fact that no sane person would travel in this weather.

Cresting over a hill, our traveler spies an urgent situation. Collapsed in the snow is a man. A scared young girl hovers over the body. The figure approaches, and the girl begins to beg the stranger for help. Working quickly, he fashions a sled to move the unconscious man.

Knowing a of a nearby village, the trio make haste to the north. Part way, the group is surrounded by starving wolves. Their hunger has made them desperate. Fighting courageously, the traveler dispatches several before collapsing from his wounds. Two hunters intervene before all is lost.

Further away, a ronin pursues a traitor to his clan. Traveling lightly, he closes the gap on his prey, and narrows his search to a roadside shrine.

A bounty hunter, on the trail of the same man, agrees to a truce during a tense standoff on the way to the shrine.

Catching their target unaware, the dispatch or subdue the two bandits holed up with their quarry.
Instead of dueling for his honor, the disgraced samurai meets a coward’s death when trying to trick his pursuer.

The traveler wakes in a peasant’s hut. A smiling monk has been making vigil over him. His wounds have healed. Two weeks have passes. The man the traveler rescued is worse for wear, and has not yet recovered. The girl who guided him is nowhere to be found. The hunters do not know of her.
In a brief moment, the sick man wakes. It is learned his daughter has been dead for several years. She matches the traveler’s description. The shock of knowing this is too great, and he passes to the next life. A mysterious invite is considered…

The ronin and bounty hunter have also received invitations from shinobi. The four meet on the road and introduce themselves to one another. The tension is thick. It is agreed, however, that they travel together as their host has invited all equally.

Further in their travels, the meet a fool to be their guide. He leads them to their final destination. Here, a father makes a request. They each have much to gain in their respective pursuits, and an agreement is reached. They must assist with gathering information on a reclusive, secluded figure who has so far defied attempts at spying…

The five travel the road again, into the sunset.


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